Pioneering Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Bacterial
and Fungal Diseases in Agriculture

One of the greatest challenges of this century is ensuring global food security. By 2050, the world's population will reach nine billion. At the same time land and water resources continue to shrink and climate change brings new stresses and increasingly aggressive diseases.

Cutting-edge, sustainable agricultural technologies are key to addressing these challenges.

Nobactra is at the forefront of this effort, developing biological, environmentally friendly solutions for some of the most destructive diseases in agriculture.

A SYNERGISTIC COMBINATION | Bacteria + Essential Oils

Nobactra's breakthrough technological platform merges a synergistic combination antagonistic bacteria and a special formulation of natural oils for a broad spectrum of solutions in animal health and crop protection.


Essential Oil Powder Formulation

Our bacteria are not toxic nor pathogenic to humans, plants and animals. And is not genetically modified.

Essential oils are well documented as having outstanding anti-bacterial properties. The challenge has been the high levels of phytotoxicity of these oils which kill the plant before killing the pathogen. Nobactra's innovative formulation has overcome this challenge and allows Nobactra to harness the powers of the essential oil without harming the plants.



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