Salmonella, E. Coli

Nobactra’s poultry solution has demonstrated ability to eliminate Salmonella and E.coli from egg shells and form coop pudding (litter). The poultry disinfection market is heavily dependent on chemicals for disinfection purposes at all stages of the supply chain. (eggs, hatcheries, cages, transportation, poultry houses and more).Most of the chemicals are toxic or hazardous, Formaldehyde is banned for use in several countries.

Trends in regulation:

  • Demand for better public health

  • Demand for lower environmental impact

  • Regulation is tighter

Nobactra's Solution for regulation

  • All natural ingredients

  • Efficacy is shown on Coliforms, Salomonela and more

  • Non toxic product

Trends in public opinion

  • Growing awareness to supply chain

  • Concern for animal welfare

  • Demand for poultry raised without antibiotics

Nobactra's answer to public opinion

  • Supply chain of non-toxic substances

  • Low to no environmental impact

Trends in growers concerns

  • Higher conversion

  • Eggs, bigger, healthier

  • Lower total cost

  • Meeting costumer & regulatory requirements

Nobactra's answer to growers

  • Competitive cost

  • Non-toxic labor safety

  • Outperforms existing products


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